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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Green Lantern Emerald Knights

  • Title:  Green Lantern  Emerald Knights
  • Voice Director:  Andrea Romano
  • Date:  2011
  • Studio:  Warner Brothers Animation
  • Genre:  Action, SF
  • Cast:  Nathan Fillion, Jason Isaacs, Elisabeth Moss, Henry Rollins, Arnold Vosloo
  • Format:  Widescreen, Color, Animation
  • DVD Format:  R1, NTSC
"He held the first construct, no longer a scribe, now a warrior, the First Lantern."  -- Hal Jordan, Narrating

"When you shape the light of  your ring, you walk in the footsteps of the First Lantern."  -- Hal Jordan, Narrating

I just bought and watched this, so here's a bonus review!

Emerald Knights is really six short stories interwoven into an arc-plot.  Each of  the separate stories are written and directed by different people, though this is part of  the DC Animated Universe, so Bruce Timm  produces and Andrea Romano is the voice director for the entire thing.  The stories are pulled directly from the DC Green Lantern Corps comic books.  I loved the movie.  In many ways, I liked it better than the live-action Green Lantern movie I saw last weekend, which was only so-so.  This film really showcased the rich history of  Green Lantern, bringing in several characters and plotlines.  And because Hal is telling these tales to Arista, a new Green Lantern recruit, it's like he's explaining the history to the audience.  Nathan Fillion does an excellent job of playing an older, more experienced, Hal -- who still remembers his younger days and wishes to help a fellow recruit get her feet under her.

The six stories are:
  • The First Lantern
  • Kilowog (based on "New Blood")
  • Mogo Doesn't Socialize
  • Abin Sur (based on "Tygers")
  • Emerald Knights
  • Laira (based on "What Price Honor?"
My favorite in terms of pure story was "The First Lantern", just because it was so awesome to see how the Lanterns first came to be -- and I love how Avro wasn't willing to give up, and thus figured out how the rings were supposed to be used.  I also loved the visual image used to show the first Lantern's ring being handed down from Lantern to Lantern throughout the centuries, and finally to Abin Sur and from him to Hal.  That was awesome!

"Mogo Doesn't Socialize" was amusing.  It's a great story, and probably would have had more impact if I hadn't  had  it spoiled for me.

"Kilowog" gives background and a bit more of  a human side to the Lanterns' drill sargeant by showing us his drill sargeant.  Still, it's the same old "new recruit is terrorized by the drill sargeant but learns to love the tough love approach" story we've seen many times before.

"Abin Sur" is weird because it shows he and Sinestro working together, and also the criminal Abin Sur arrests and jails makes several predictions, which I'm guessing come true in the GL continuity.  Abin Sur, of course, doesn't believe the predictions, especially of  Sinestro, his dear friend, going rogue.

"Laira" is probably the darkest of  the stories -- but it's fascinating and highly, highly enjoyable.  I really liked that one too.

Finally, "Emerald Knights" is the name of  the wrap-around story and the finale.  Yes, it's excellent.  The entire film is extremely well done, enjoyable, and I just loved it.  I highly, highly recommend this movie.

Recommendation:  See it!
Rating: 4 of 5 Stars
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  1. really enjoyed the movie. Though i didnt get too attached to the charectors, i personally feel there was too little emotion, not to say thats a bad thing, the film made up for it in terms of action, and the hand to hand combat sequences were some of the best i'd ever seen. Great review Jaqueline. The film does deserve good credit - tatenda@gmail.com